Playdate Mission Statement

Playdate Owners: Alexander Curtau and Leelee420xx Resident

Playdate has and will always be a labor of love for us. Our group started in 2015 as a need for the kids community, a need for unity.

We could not do it without all of you!

Every donation, raffle, cruise ticket cost goes right back into events and costs for camps. In a perfect world we would not ever look for a linden but are gracious to every donation.

In return for you awesome support we give to you our pledge!

We will always give our support to the kids community when ever possible.
We will always be not for profit. Everything we raise in the name of Playdate goes towards Playdate.
We will always be as fair as can possibly be.
We will always pledge allegiance to the goat of the united sims of SL.

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