Playdate Cruise 2019

To our third Playdate cruise camp Brought to you by Playdate and Bubble productions. Our theme this round will be Halloween. This cruise will be taking a trip through the scary and cute of Halloween, even to places only your imagination can see. We would be so happy to have you join us on our trip. We There are some rules at camp that we will have to follow nothing too hard. We are really hoping you enjoy this years spin on things. The exact date of the cruise will be announced soon !

Like every year, we are looking for Sponsors, who are willing to donate creations we could use for the Camp, Linden Donations or/and Prize Donations for our many Events we will have each day.

These are the 4 Sponsor types:

01. Linden Donations
These would go directly to our Playdate Cruise Avatar and would be used towards, sim tiers and Theme buildings
(please notice that a Donation under 5k can also be made in our Playdate Office, which you can find here:

02. Gift Cards
you can either donate Gift Cards as a Prize, that our Campers can win in Events or in our Arcade games OR donate Gift Cards to your Store for us to be able to buy and use your items in our Camp

03. Direct Item Donations
(this will be for example the same as the Creator from our Cruise Ship did it, he donated the big Cruiser directly to us)
So this can be Halloween Decorations, Games for our Events, Food, Furnitures, Landscaping items like trees

04. Sim Space Donations
If you have a whole sim you would like to donate or some Space available for Events during the camp, we will have to talk in a meeting about details.

We will be taking 90 campers. Registration will be held in October. The cost for the cruise will be 1,000L. This fee is to help off set the cost of the sims, as we are a nonprofit organization. The date in time for registration, will be posted in playdate’s group and on facebook. The land marks will only be posted in playdate’s group right before registration begins. So please make it a point to join paydate’s group if you would like to attend camp. secondlife:///app/group/17cacffb-0345-5570-a966-9ca10027be79/about

If you come to registration you can register someone else. But, you are only allowed to register one person per registration visit. Meaning you can come register yourself, leave and come back and register someone else.

Your parents can register you , but if you have siblings that want to come. The same rule applies to them .One person registered per registration visit.

There will not be a special registration for people that attended camp last year. We want to give everyone that wants a chance to come a chance to do this.

No avatar pets. We know you love them and will miss them. But, camp is for kids and your pets will be much safer at home.

Payment for registration will be due at the time of
registration. so be prepared with the registration fee. or you will have to leave and get in again in order to register when you are ready.

There will be a camp store. The Ship store will be for campers and sponsors. The pre-camp store will free and first come first serve basis. More information will come soon.

If you have any other question please feel free to contact leelee420xx resident.

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