The Cruise is nearing!

We hope that you are as excited for the next Playdate Cruise as much as we are! All registration and raffles are over but we still have a wait list! Go to Playdate Main Office and follow the instructions on the wall behind the Blue Mail Snail to get on the list!

Playdate Cruise 2018 Date Change

Due to Circumstances beyond anyone’s control we need to revise the dates for the cruise itself . The new dates for the cruise are 10/12/18 – 10/20/18. Registration dates will stay the same but the days of the actual cruise does. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but in order to bring you the best Playdate experience it was a must. One the plus side you get the cruise earlier!

We are back!

I know that we have been MIA for a very long time and came back for the super fun RSC 2018 camp but we wanted to give you our most heartfelt apology for taking time off and leaving everyone wondering. But! we are back and better than ever. Look out for more fun and announcements to come!


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